September 16, 2021 by CC Staff

Our Guide to Eating a Lobster Properly for Beginners

With the year coming to a close, you know what that means—it’s time to have some good lobster! Of course, summer will always be synonymous with lobster, but the colder months are also perfect for feasting on this delicious seafood. With lobster fishing in full swing from mid-September to late November, you indeed won’t run out of fresh lobsters to enjoy with family and friends!

There’s nothing like a well-cooked crustacean to satisfy your taste buds and fill up your stomach! Lobsters are arguably one of the most delicious sea creatures, aside from crawfish, shrimp, and crab. No celebration can be complete without a good serving of lobster—with its sweet and satisfying flavor, anyone would finish the meal feeling positively full and happy.

Lobsters are absolutely divine, but they can be pretty tricky to eat. You know what they say, good things don’t come easy. Unlike pork or chicken, the tasty meat of lobsters is enclosed in a hard shell, and some of its parts may seem complicated to dissect or take apart. 

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you may end up tackling the lobster during the whole meal instead of enjoying your meal! Read our guide below to find out how to eat a lobster properly:

  • Prepare the Tools

When you order your lobster, you’ll most likely be provided with a selection of tools. The waiter may offer you a bib, a small fork, a nut/lobster cracker, and a towelette. Everything on your table, you’ll need! Don’t second-think the bib—if you’re eating lobster for the first time, you’ll need to wear it.

Just like any other job, the right tools are crucial to achieving the desired outcome. To have a satisfying lobster meal, you should know how to use everything provided to you. Eating a lobster, especially for the first time, will always be messy, so just accept the mess and dig in!

  • Tackle the Tail

If you’re served a whole lobster, we recommend starting with the tail. To begin, grab the tail with one hand and the body with the other. Twist the tail and pull it away from the body to separate them from each other.

Once you’ve separated the tail from the body, cut it down the center with a knife, squeeze the edges towards the bottom, and then pull them apart to break the shell.

  • Crack the Claws

Separate the claws from the body by pulling them away with a slight twist. To break the claw’s shell, make sure to use a hammer or lobster cracker. Make sure to avoid being too aggressive because you might damage the meat! Carefully pull out the meat with a fork.

  • Remember the Knuckles

Don’t neglect the knuckles! The meat may be considerably less than the other areas, but they’re worth the effort, as they taste very sweet and are incredibly tender. Use a cracker or a knife to break the knuckles into pieces, then poke the meat out with a seafood fork or something similar.

  • Try the Tomalley

Now, the lobster tomalley isn’t always popular among lobster eaters, but you won’t know if you like it if you don’t try! You can also mix the light green stuff in the body cavity where you broke off the tail into other dishes if you’re too squeamish to try it by itself.


Lobsters are never simple to eat at first, but the best things will always be worth it. Lobster-eating will take practice, but you’ll get the hang of taking the meat apart as long as you follow our guide. With practice, you’ll be able to eat and enjoy your lobster like a pro!

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