September 21, 2021 by CC Staff

Out of the Freshwater: All the Basics about Crawfish

Everyone loves their water crustaceans. Whenever people are not indulging in saltwater seafood, you may find them instead picking out freshwater critters, applying their own homemade recipes just to have a mouthwatering lunch or dinner.

Out of all the freshwater delicacies you may encounter, the crawfish is one that can leave a glorious taste in your mouth, and that is all for a very good reason. Also known as craydids and crawdaddies, they are one of the most delicious and unique-tasting types of crustaceans. They are technically classified as fish, but they do not taste anything like them, and neither do they taste like lobsters and shrimps. As a matter of fact, their taste is indescribable, often being accompanied by other ingredients to bring out their distinct flavor.

If it happens to be your first time to hear about this freshwater delicacy, chances are, you have little to no idea at all about its main features and possible recipes. If you are intrigued, read the following interesting information we’ve written below. Remember, curiosity can only do you so much, so once you’ve finished reading, find a good restaurant that serves this delicacy fresh and experience its amazing taste.

Technically, What Is a Crawfish?

They are somewhat considered a cross between a lobster and a fish. They can even be identified with their signature ten legs and front claws; however, note that their claws are way different from a lobster. They are found in freshwater areas such as ponds and lakes, and they are bigger than your average shrimp. There used to be a time when they were only seen as a poor man’s delicacy, but that image took a turn when restaurants began to serve them in new recipes, adding more value to their taste and appearance.

What Delicacies Can I Cook up with a Crawfish?


There are actually a lot to choose from; it will all come down to your own preference and current state. Every location in the U.S. has its own take on the crawfish, much so that you may never run out of recipes for every meal. Of course, there are proper ways of preparing them, all beginning with boiling them fresh so that you will not ruin their meat. Nonetheless, some of the most common examples include cajun and creoles, fried crawfish, crawfish dressing, crawfish bread, and even crawfish pies.

Is It Better to Eat Them with Only a Few Ingredients?


One of the common recommendations for first-time crawfish eaters is that they must try a recipe that doesn’t have other strong-tasting ingredients. Its unique taste is a must-try, and eating a crawfish delicacy with add-ons may ruin that experience. After trying it out in its simplest form, you must go for other recipes with the accompanying flavors. This will at least allow you to differentiate its taste based on the delicacy presented right in front of you.



Crawfish may probably be one of the best delicacies you can ever try. Not to be mistaken for a shrimp or a tiny lobster, its unique taste says a lot about its position in your favorite menus. Due to its freshwater nature and almost endless amounts of recipes, people are starting to catch on as to why it is becoming a staple specialty of everyone’s local restaurants.
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