March 27, 2021 by CC Staff

How to Eat Crawfish Properly While Savoring Every Bite

When it comes to accepting dinner invitations from your family and friends, you should always avoid passing up on the offer, especially if it involves your favorite cuisines and restaurants. However, if you get invited to a get-together at a crawfish restaurant, but you don’t know how to eat crawfish properly, then you’re definitely in for a challenge.

 It’s never too late to learn how to eat boiled crawfish like a professional. Once you master the right way to consume boiled crawfish, you will always look forward to getting crawfish near you to have the time of your life. In the meantime, keep reading below to find out the best way to eat crawfish, starting with treating it as if it’s a competition.

 Get Your Hands on the Biggest Crawfish

 Once everyone is seated, and the waiters have laid down the crawfishes in front of you, you should dive in and reach for the biggest and juiciest-looking crawfish you can find. Prepare the crawfish in front of you to show others that you aren’t joking when you say you want to win. 

 Take it from professional crawfish eaters—they usually begin by consuming the largest crawfish before moving towards the smaller ones. If you want to be called a pro yourself, you need to follow in their footsteps and start strong!

 Look Around for Your Next Round

 Since you’re in a crawfish cafe, you can expect the people around you to have the same mindset, so they want to outrun you and win too. That’s why they will most likely feast on the biggest crawfish they can grab off the table—just like you!

 They will want to know they’re leading by thinking in advance—and so should you. While you’re busy devouring the crawfish in your hands, you should also take the time to observe the pile near you and survey for your next target. After all, in an eating competition, the last thing you want to do is fall behind. 

 Break Open the Crawfish in Steps

 If you’re a right-handed person, you should seize the crawfish’s head using your left hand. But if you’re left-handed, you can go ahead and do the opposite. Once you’ve gotten a firm grip on both ends of the crawfish, you should give its tail a slight nudge towards the head to loosen up the meat.

 Afterward, you should twist and remove the tail before proceeding to break its shell. You can do so by placing your thumb and forefinger on the sides of the top of the tail and squeezing them. When you feel and watch it give way, you can take out the rungs of the shell, starting from the bottom and working your way to the other side.

 Dig in and Enjoy the Taste of Crawfish

 After a while of struggling to get the crawfish’s meat and all its contents out, including its juices, you can finally have a taste of its delicious meat. It doesn’t matter if you use your fingers or your teeth because when you’re hungry, your appearance is the least of your worries!

Now you can finally dig in, taste the sea, and savor each bite. Remember that you’ve got a lot more crawfishes to go through, so you can either take your time or stay ahead of the competition and keep going!


 Eating crawfish is pretty enjoyable and straightforward if you get used to it. The next time you plan to head to a good crawfish restaurant, remember the steps above and treat it like a competition to keep things exciting. If you want to emerge as the winner, not only do you have to know the steps by heart, but you also have to prepare your appetite for a crawfish-filled meal! 

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