February 2, 2021 by CC Staff

Everything You Need to Know About Crawfish Season in Houston

Those tiny crustaceans that look like miniature lobsters you see in restaurant aquariums are crawfish, but these little sea critters pack more flavor than meets the eye! That’s why they’re famous for being the star of much-loved southern Crawfish Boil in all of Houston, Texas. 

The crawfish boil is often prepared during huge gatherings and is cooked in a massive pot with an assortment of other ingredients that contributes to its rich flavors, such as corn cobs, garlic, mushroom, potatoes, and secret seasoning.  

Every local in Houston knows that the best time to enjoy crawfish is during craw season, but when is that, and where should you eat some crawfish? Don’t worry; we got you covered. Here’s our ultimate guide to crawfish in Houston. 

Best months to try crawfish

Every Houston local knows that the best time to try crawfish is during crawfish season, which runs from January to July along the Gulf coast. The season’s window is relatively big, so it won’t be tricky for you to squeeze in your trip during these months. 

However, you should take note that weather plays a huge factor. If it’s a cold winter, the season may start a bit later, and if you’re experiencing a dry summer, the season will end earlier. But in general, the optimum time to visit and try crawfish is from February to May.

Where to eat crawfish

The best place to enjoy crawfish, other than someone’s backyard, is by visiting classic Houston restaurants, such as Crawfish Cafe. Crawfish Cafe opened in 2013 and has been famous for its Viet-cajun crawfish and other seafood dishes like gulf blue crabs, black mussels, littleneck clams, and more. 

So, if you’re planning to get the best crawfish boil and seafood dishes, start your engines and head straight to Crawfish Cafe.

How much crawfish to order

Typically, crawfish are sold by the pound in markets and restaurants. A pound may sound like too much, but you should know that there isn’t much meat hiding in their bodies.

Those who are used to devouring bowls and bowls of crawfish boils can quickly eat up to six pounds of crawfish in one sitting, and a newbie crawfish-eater can eat a pound or two. But if you’re thinking of ordering or a huge group, just remember, three pounds is good enough for one person!

How to eat crawfish

Eating crawfish can get a bit messy, and if it’s your first time, it can be a bit daunting. But don’t you fret, here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you get the meaty goodness these delectable critters provide.

  1. Slowly twist and pull the crawfish’s tail to separate it from its head. For beginners, it’s best to start with bigger crawfish until you get that hang of it.
  2. Suck their heads and get the delicious crawfish broth. Don’t worry; you’re not getting their brains!
  3. You’ll want to separate the crawfish’s exoskeleton by applying pressure with your thumbs on its underside by its opening. Once it cracks, push it upwards and take it off.
  4. Once you cracked it open, extract the meat by pinching the tail’s end and pulling the meat out in a twisting motion.
  5. You’ll find a black or greying gooey line when you take off the meat. Remove it by pushing it with your thumb until it scrapes off. 

Enjoy crawfish like a local

Heading to Houston during crawfish season is the best way to dive into the goodness of crawfish and other seafood delicacies. But if you want the perfect introduction to crawfish, it’s best to visit one of the best restaurants in town, Crawfish Cafe. Once you’ve had their Viet-cajun crawfish, you’ll find yourself eating pound after pound of these delicious crustaceans. 

Get the best crawfish in Houston

Crawfish Cafe has been open since 2013 in Houston, Texas, and has been voted as having the best crawfish in town. We serve mouthwatering crawfish dishes and other seafood options, which helped us get featured in numerous Houston publications, including Houston Chronicle, Houston Press, Houstonia, and more. Try some crawfish today!

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