February 9, 2021 by CC Staff

Crawfish and Wine – Choosing the Perfect Pair for All Tastes

For the true seafood lovers, crawfish paired with beer is like a match made in heaven. But bringing wine in a crawfish boil isn’t a bad thing, and it can even be as good as having a strong pint of beer. All you need to do is to find the right wine to match your taste profile. 

Here are a few wine suggestions to go over before heading to your favorite crawfish restaurant:

Tangent Albarino

Instead of going for a common chardonnay, why not go for the Tangent Albarino? This California-made Spanish grape pairs well with the savory aromatics of your favorite crawfish dish. It’s not as tart as a sauvignon blanc, but it’s exceptionally lighter than a chardonnay. 

If you want a smooth finish with a great body of flavor, this bottle is a great choice.

Tangent Sauvignon Blanc

Another good wine to pair with crawfish is Tangent Sauvignon Blanc. Compared to the Albarino, this white wine is a bit lighter and crisper. It’s definitely a more refreshing option if that’s your style!

Camilo Donati Malvasia Frizzante

For beer lovers, this wine lets you reminisce about the taste of sour beer. It’s slightly bubbly, and it’s got that cleansing bitterness going for it. To top it all off, that pale yellow color really gives you the impression you’re drinking a fancy glass of beer instead of wine!

Sables d’Azur Rosé, Cote de Provence, France

This rosé goes will with almost everything, with its hints of red currant and clementine. If you want a refreshing but crisp match for your seafood dish, this is your best bet! It looks fancy enough—but at under $20, that’s great value for a bottle of French rosé.

Nicolas Feuillatte D’Luscious Demi-Sec Rosé Champagne, France

If you can’t handle your spice, you can try an off-dry wine to complement the spiciness. This bottle of Demi-Sec is semi-sweet with notes of red fruit. Those sweet flavors, when combined with spicy crawfish, creates a beautiful balance for you to enjoy. 

Bodega Cruzat Cuvée Réserve Extra Brut Rosé

To those who prefer well-balanced acidity with good volume, this rosé is for you. It has a small percentage of Chardonnay, which gives it a hint of freshness. That’s just what your palate needs to recover from all the spiciness of the crawfish.

Casal Garcia Vinho Verde, Portugal

Traditional Houston Crawfish can be a bit sweet with just the right amount of spice. If you like to build on that sweetness without going overboard, the Vinho Verde is an excellent choice. It’s light, crisp, and slightly bubbly. To add, the crisp acidity of this white gives it a lift that’s very pleasant to your palate!

Suertes del Marques 7 Fuentes, Spanish Islands

Not a fan of white wine? Then a light Spanish red like 7 Fuentes would be perfect for you. You get an aromatic expression of plum and cranberry with hints of smoke. It’s got vivid acidity and a spicy finish that you’ll surely enjoy.


Wine enthusiasts can still enjoy a hearty serving of crawfish along with their favorite reds and whites. Now, you don’t have to worry about which wine to bring to your next crawfish boil. Ready your drinking glass as crawfish season is just right around the corner!

If you want to wine and dine in one of the best crawfish restaurants in Houston, then the Crawfish Cafe is the one you’re looking for! We serve Viet-Cajun crawfish and other seafood dishes like Gulf-Blue crabs, black mussels, lobsters, and shrimp. Contact us for takeout and delivery!

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