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Eating Crawfish Like a Local – How to Eat Crawfish Like a Pro

When you head over to Houston, Texas, you’ll be welcomed by their heartwarming hospitality and delicious food. One of their hometown delicacies that you should definitely try on your visit is their famous crawfish boils.

A crawfish boil is a well-known Southern staple. Eating this dish can be quite messy, but it’s something you won’t mind because of how delicious it is. However, if you’re not accustomed to eating crawfish boils, sitting around locals at Crawfish Cafe, twisting and snagging their crawfish can be quite intimidating — but don’t worry, you still have plenty of chances to dig in.

If you’re heading to the sunny south soon, you should definitely squeeze in a few plates of crawfish on your trip. In this article, we’ll share with you everything you need to know about crawfish — how to eat them and tips to eat like a pro.

What Is a Crawfish Boil?

Every pro-crawfish eater should know what makes a crawfish boil. So, before jumping into the essentials and the step-by-step guide to eating them, let’s first get an overview of what it is.

As mentioned earlier, the crawfish boil is a popular Southern United States dish that is enjoyed best when they are in season, which is during the months of February to June.

The most simple style of a crawfish boil is simply boiling it with spices. However, many enjoy a more elaborate way of cooking it — with potatoes, corn, garlic, spices, broth, and a hefty amount of crawfish. In some places, they even add sausage to the mix for that extra meaty goodness.

How to Eat a Crawfish Boil

Now that you know the meat of what a crawfish boil is, it’s time to devour that bowl of goodness at Crawfish Cafe and get your hands messy with this mouthwatering goodness.

1. Start With a Firm Grasp

Getting the meat out of the crawfish can be difficult for beginners, but there’s one thing you need to remember: have a firm grasp. Do this by holding the tail of the crawfish on both sides. Visually, your thumb should be on one side, while your index finger is on the other.

2. Twist and Snap

Next, you want to snap the tail away by creating a twisting motion from the head of the crawfish. Once you’ve done this, properly popped its head out, and for many locals, they’ll suck the juices straight from its head to get that good, spice-filled broth.

3. Peel the Shell

Now, with your thumbs, begin to peel the shell of the crawfish away from the widest part of the tail.

4. Snag the Meat

At this point, you’ll already see the meat of the crawfish. Hold the tip of the tail and give the meat a good ol’ tug to release it from the body. Once it’s out, it’s time to chow!

Essential Crawfish Pro Tips

Here are some crawfish eating tips that will elevate your crawfish boil experience and turn you into a pro:

Examine the crawfish’s structure, from the head to the tail;
To get to the meat quicker, peel of the first ring of the tail first;
Pinching the end of the tail while biting the meat releases the crawfish’s meat much quicker;
To enjoy its rich and bold flavors, suck the juices from the crawfish’s head;
After eating, rub your hands with lemon to reduce the lingering seafood smell.

The Bottom Line: You Can Twist, Snap, Peel, and Snag a Crawfish Like a Pro in No Time

Your Houston trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Crawfish Cafe and enjoy chowing on the meaty and spice-filled goodness of a Southern favorite — the crawfish boil. By following our steps and keeping these tips in mind, you’ll devour your crawfish boil like a pro in a snap!

Looking for the Best Crawfish Boil in Houston?

If you’re looking for the best crawfish boil experience, head over to Crawfish Cafe. Our restaurant opened its doors in Houston in 2013 and voted as having the best crawfish boil in town. Trust us — your trip won’t be complete without trying our Viet-cajun crawfish. Book a table today!

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