June 3, 2021 by CC Staff

Enjoying Crawfish and Cajun Cuisine: A Beginner’s Brief Guide

Seafood is one of the most versatile ingredients used in many dishes worldwide. One undeniable combination that you should not miss out on is the pairing of crawfish with Cajun cuisine, which is known for having multiple layers of flavor and different textures. It is also commonly served during celebrations with loved ones. 

While it does come mainly from the South and the locals enjoy them, many individuals claim they love crawfish and Cajun offerings. There are even some restaurants experimenting with some delicious fusion cuisine options. However, you may not have enough context since this will be your first time trying them. To get properly acquainted, refer to this guide. 

What Is Cajun Food and How Did Crawfish Become a Part of It? 

Cajun cuisine started in Louisiana around the 18th century, which is linked to the Acadians. They are French-speaking individuals who originally came from Canada. These immigrants brought their bold culinary skills to a place known for its swamps. This setting was perfect for crawfish harvesting, potato farming, deep spice mixes, rice cultivation, and vegetable gardening. In particular, it was the signature base of onions, bell peppers, and celery that is consistent in Cajun-style cooking. 

Nowadays, many would claim this style of cooking has hints of France, West Africa, and even Spain. Crawfish are also abundant in the South because they are freshwater crustaceans that love the swampy settings. You can find them in wet rice fields, and they are still being caught in the wild, especially in Texan waters. 

What Are Some Cajun Cuisine Dishes That I Should Try? 

Cajun food that you must try for your first time includes gumbo, jambalaya, seafood boils, and etouffee. These meals are heartwarming stews with an array of seafood, like crawfish or shrimp. There is also some rice available, which soaks up all the spices, sauces, and vegetables, allowing you to enjoy everything in one spoonful! These meals are authentic Southern comfort food worth enjoying with family and friends. 

How Do I Eat a Crawfish Properly in a Restaurant? 

Eating crawfish for the first time may seem intimidating because of all the tiny parts. In reality, it is pretty simple, but you do have to use your hands, which is to be expected in any crawfish restaurant with Cajun food. So just wash your hands or use the plastic gloves that the waiter may provide you. 

To eat the crawfish, grab it by the tail while maintaining your hold with your thumb and forefinger. Then, you have to turn and tear away the head, separating it from the tail. There are some juices inside the crawfish’s head, which is considered a delicacy. Try it if you like, or simply throw it away. 

You are left with the tail and its shell. Just remove the outer layer and eat the meat. You can also place the unpeeled crawfish, pour some of the stew from any Cajun dish, and enjoy it with rice! 


Enjoying good crawfish can also mean indulging yourself in Cajun cuisine. While it can be concerning to try new things for the first time, you will see that it is well worth the time and money! Just remember all the relevant information mentioned above, find the best restaurants in your area, and order a plethora of options from the menu to try! 

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