July 8, 2021 by CC Staff

Snow Crab vs King Crab – Great Tips for Seafood Lovers

The best part about eating seafood, particularly crustaceans, is cracking them open to savor the butter-doused insides. If you love your seafood, you will enjoy the experience more if you could order more of your favorite. 

However, because crustaceans tend to look the same, distinguishing them may be complicated, especially for first-time eaters. This article will focus on differentiating the crowd’s favorite snow crab and king crab, so you would know what to order again the next time you eat crawfish.

Snow Crab VS King Crab

These crustaceans are famous for their delicious and meaty legs. At first glance, they may look the same, but specific characteristics make them distinct from each other. Here are some significant differences you need to know:

Which Is Bigger

The next time you see snow crab and king crab together, try to observe their physical attributes. You might immediately see their main differences. Although they look similar from the outside, the king crab is the bigger between the two. They can grow as heavy as six pounds, with their largest varieties weighing around 20 pounds. They may have bigger bodies, but if you look closely at their legs, you would see that theirs are shorter than snow crabs. 

Snow crabs, on the other hand, have smaller shells and longer legs than king crabs. They also weigh an average of two to four pounds.  

Where to Find Them

You can find snow crabs in the deep and cold waters of the North Atlantic and North Pacific. They love these water conditions. You can harvest them from late fall to early summer. 

King crabs are harder to find. They have a limited habitat and harvesting season that only occurs a few weeks during the wintertime. 

On Availability

Because of this limitation, king crabs are not always in season. That is also why it is the more expensive crustacean between the two. On the other hand, the snow crab is easier to harvest and more available, making it more affordable. 

On the Taste

Snow crab gets its name from the meat it produces. At first, it is red and then becomes white as snow when cooked. The meat also has a sweet and subtle taste. It shreds easily, and yet its texture is firm. You would not have a hard time cracking its legs open, and you can easily do it with your hands. 

The king crab, on the other hand, is famous for its lobster-like flavor. It is rich, delicately tender, and has a sweet taste. However, before you enjoy it, you need to crack through its tough shells. King crabs also have larger spikes than the snow crab, so using your hands is not recommended. You need a cracking tool to get the juicy meat inside, but everything is worth it. 


Some crustaceans may look the same, but they all differ in habitat, taste, and texture. In this article, we explained the difference between the snow crab and king crab. Hopefully, it will help you recognize what crustacean you love more and help you make the right orders.

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