July 11, 2021 by CC Staff

Why Lobster Is The Ultimate Summer Food

The summer season brings about a myriad of fun and excitement. As the heat rolls in, changes happen across different industries—with one of them being food and beverages. Here in Houston, summer is the time for fresh, scrumptious lobsters along with parties, champagne, recreation, and celebration—and we couldn’t agree more! 

Now, we’re going to tell you all about why we love lobsters and why it’s the ultimate summer food!

Cravings Satisfied

Have you ever gotten an intense craving for crustacean food? We love lobsters simply because they give a strong flavor that’s a mix between crab and shrimp. Its flesh is firm yet smooth and tender to the bite. Plus, you can prepare them either boiled for a savory taste or steamed to bring out their sweet side.

All the Parts Are the Best Parts

The thing is, all parts of lobsters taste great—so it’s almost impossible just to pick a single part! We highly encourage you to take a whole lobster to enjoy. It may be overwhelming not to know which part to disassemble first, but any way you go, you’ll have a pleasant treat. 

All the parts are the best parts, and all lobster flesh is mild and sweet, yet hard and fibrous. What distinguishes the different parts from one another is the range of toughness and juiciness. From previous observations, people say that the flesh from the tail is tougher than that of the claws. Meanwhile, lobster lovers swear that the flesh from the claws and the legs is the tastiest!

They’re Amazing to Eat—and Observe

Disassembling a fully-cooked lobster can take time, but if you’re really hungry and there’s no more waiting around, a lobster tail has a lot more meat and is faster to push out with a fork. This part is meatier than the claws’ because of the lobster’s twisting and flapping in the water. 

On the other hand, you may also prefer the claws because of their soft and tastier meat. But be careful with razor-sharp claws that are used for cutting! You’ll find that the claws are also bony in appearance. Lobsters use their claws to cut and crush, while their pincher claws are used to submerge their prey. Moreover, some lobsters are known to be Ambidextrous. Although some claws are their “specialized hands,” you can observe that the larger of either claw tends to be more favorable in crushing and cutting.

The Amount of Lobster Trivia

Another reason we love lobsters is the information we get to share about them. After all, such tasty creatures are bound to be interesting.

Did you know that lobsters are renowned for battling over territories? The more aggressive lobster usually crushes or cuts the opponent’s claw until it is ripped off. But when lobsters want to protect themselves, they lower their claws to communicate that they are willing to flee. 

Additionally, a one-clawed lobster is called a “Cull.” If a lobster loses both claws, it’s called a “Pistol” before growing back one claw.


Lobsters represent the best of all worlds. If you’re a lobster lover like us, you’ve probably done a full sweep of a lobster or two. Maybe, you eat parts that no one else does, such as the body, legs, tail flipper, or the often-overlooked knuckle flesh found between the claw and the lobster’s body beneath the shell. Or, you may also prefer the lobster’s internal organs, such as the vein, intestine, and roe (or eggs). 

There are no right or wrong answers. All we know is that lobster is the ultimate summer delicacy!

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