December 2, 2020 by CC Staff

Dining on Crawfish – Where and When To Get Them and What to Know

Crawfish are small crustaceans that are similar in flavor to shrimp and lobster. In terms of appearance, they look like miniature-sized lobsters and are usually steamed or boiled for consumption. Their bright red color makes them an attractive addition to any occasion. Aside from being delicious, these little sea creatures are an excellent source of protein and essential vitamins and minerals. 

If you’re wondering how to get crawfish in the country, these crustaceans do get pricey at certain times of the year—particularly in areas that do not have a steady supply of crawfish. You will need to adjust your itinerary and your expectations accordingly if you’re on the prowl for these delicious little crustaceans.

To help you plan for your trip, here’s a quick outline of the best times to go out for crawfish and how you can still look for restaurants that serve these dishes regardless of the time of year!

When Is Crawfish Season In Texas And Louisiana?

In the Southern United States, crawfish season runs from November to July. However, the months between February and May are the most prevalent time for getting massive bargains on these crustaceans, which is right at the height of the Easter season.

This makes crawfish an important part of the Catholic faith, and Catholics often visit fish markets to prepare for the sacred holiday. This religious sector believes that the timing of crawfish aligns with God’s will to provide the right food at the right season so that believers can rejoice in the Lord’s resurrection. The nutrition derived from this is considered a gift from God!

Can I Still Buy Crawfish When It’s Not In Season?

You can definitely go out to satisfy your crawfish cravings regardless of the time of year. For travelers that are hoping for a taste of the area’s crustaceans, there are plenty of places that sell crawfish in Houston as a part of their regular menu. This is because it is possible for crawfish to breed all year round, providing that they are housed in an environment with consistent temperatures. However, this does mean that the pickings are slimmer, and the price to pay for this delicacy is much higher.

Do Other Parts of the World Sell Crawfish?

Regardless of the time of year, saltwater crawfish are very abundant. As a result, many restaurants ship in saltwater crawfish so that they have a steady supply for their customers, especially during the holiday seasons. 

The taste is a little different than that of freshwater crawfish—which is why it’s best to inquire about the type of crawfish served before you plan your trip to a restaurant. That way, you can manage your expectations accordingly! Countries that are close to the ocean have a bigger supply of saltwater crawfish; after all, aside from their proximity, they also benefit from naturally having more consistent ocean temperatures. 

Some suppliers rely on farming freshwater crawfish from local fresh stream rivers, while others have entire farms dedicated to raising crawfish. As such, there are definitely numerous places that restaurants can find a supplier of these crustaceans from around the country. 


One reason crawfish is so well-loved is that there are tons of different ways to prepare it across different holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. It’s delicious, available year-round, and incredibly versatile. Thanks to modern technology, it has also become possible to have crawfish delivered or shipped to your doorstep.

Crawfish Cafe specializes in cooking up a variety of crawfish flavors for you. In our restaurant, Houston crawfish can be enjoyed in nine different flavors. Include our restaurant in your next adventure and try it for yourself—just get in touch with us and dine in the best crawfish restaurant in Houston!

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