December 7, 2020 by CC Staff

Crawfish 101 – How to Eat Them and What Drinks to Pair Them With

One of the most loved delicacies in the south is crawfish boils. This dish is filled with extraordinarily delicious and spicy red crawfish and usually packed with complementing ingredients like corn, red potatoes, and Andouille sausage, seasoned with the perfect blend of spices and garlic. 

However, some people who’ve never been to the south have never been to a crawfish restaurant and tried crawfish boils, let alone a crawfish. And for that reason, eating crustaceans can be a bit intimidating. 

Those who don’t know how to eat shellfish have many questions floating in their heads, like how to peel them and how to get most of the meat from the shells. Many “expert” crustacean eaters follow the tried-and-tested method of twisting and pulling.

With this method, you get the most meat from its shell, and you’ll get to enjoy its flavors and juices more. But besides getting all of the flesh, you want to ensure that you’re getting the best experience for the whole meal. And one way to do that is by pairing your crawfish with the perfect drinks. 

If you want to know how to get the full crawfish experience, keep reading. This article is our crawfish crash course on how to eat them and what drinks you can pair with them to get the best crawfish dining experience. Let’s dive in before you start twisting and pulling!

How to eat crawfish

Step 1: Twist and pull

First, you need to hold the crawfish and gently twist the tail away from its body by twisting and pulling. If you’re confused about the movement, do it in a way that you’re rocking the bottom out of the main part of its body.

Step 2: Pinch and suck

Now that you’ve twisted and pulled the crawfish, it’s now time to enjoy it! 

You’ll want to pinch the bottom of the underside of the crawfish’s tail, which is much closer to the tail fin. As you pinch this area, press up along with it to guide the tail meat out. Then once you see the meat, gently grip it with your teeth and ease it out.

Bonus step: Go for the head

To enjoy most of the crawfish’s goodness, you can take the head of the crawfish, crush it, and suck its meat and juices like a shot glass. You’ll get the juicy goodness of the innards left in the head, as well as the leftover boil juices that are perfectly seasoned with a spicy kick.

What drinks to pair with crawfish

Frozen drinks

Many people who go to crawfish cafes love to enjoy crawfish with frozen drinks because frozen drinks’ cold temperature and creaminess take out the crawfish boil’s sting. And even when the drink doesn’t have creaminess, the drink’s sweet ingredients still help balance the heat and flavors.


The go-to drink for people who want to enjoy crawfish boils is beer. This drink is incredibly refreshing, cold, and acidic, especially when paired with crawfish. This classic drink complements the powerful flavors of crawfish boil by enhancing its sour notes and mellowing the kick with its malty flavors.


If you want to go to the fancier side, you can opt to enjoy your crawfish boil with an aromatic, off-dry Riesling or Alsatian-style wine. This type of wine goes well with the dish’s heat and plays along with the aromatics.


Now that you know the basics on how to eat crawfish and what drink you can pair it with, you’ll be able to enjoy the deliciousness of this dish on another level. So if you’re heading to the south, don’t be afraid to walk into the best crawfish restaurant to enjoy one of the best meals you’ll have in your life.

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