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Answering the 10 Most Common Questions About Crawfish

Answering the 10 Most Common Questions About Crawfish


Crawfish go by many names, such as crayfish and mudbugs. Regardless of how you refer to it though, it’s evidently a good meal on just about any day or occasion. There might be a lot of curiosity about this crustacean, especially if you’re someone who won’t eat anything they don’t know about.


Here are some of the answers to the most common crawfish questions:


1) What Is Crawfish?


Crawfish is a small freshwater crustacean, usually weighing less than a pound but sometimes crawling up to eight pounds. It also tends to have a red color, incorporated in quite a number of dishes like étouffée, gumbo, and even crawfish cakes.


2) When Is Crawfish Season?


The crawfish season is relatively short as it usually happens in spring, lasting from March until around the middle of June. During these months, the crawfish are harvested at their best. It’s cooked immediately after harvesting or kept in the cooler.


3) How Many Crawfish Species Are There?


Crawfish are very diverse. There are about two dozen species of crawfish, but only a handful of those are sold commercially. There are two species of crawfish sold for cooking and consumption: the red swamp crawfish and the white river crawfish.


4) How Do Crawfish Taste?


Most people say that crawfish has a mild flavor that can be quite sweet, with some people using crawfish sauce to amplify the taste a little further. This seafood also pairs well with corn on the cob.  Plus, a fun fact about crawfish is that it’s very low on calories and fat.


5) How Are Crawfish Related to Other Crustaceans?


Crawfish is a type of freshwater crustacean similar to shrimp and lobsters. Not only do they look alike, but their coloration is quite identical. They may differ in size, as shrimps are smaller while lobsters are bigger than crawfish. 


6) What Is the Usual Size of Crawfish?


The largest crawfish that can be found is about six pounds, but most are about one pound. The crustaceans can grow to about four inches long too. However, some producers may leave bigger crawfish in the water to grow larger in size.


7) How Is My Crawfish Prepared?


Crawfish is usually boiled before being put into other dishes for eating. A pot resistant to heat and pressure is used for this preparation. The crawfish will be immersed in boiling water and cooked for a while before it’s allowed to cool down. 


8) How Much Crawfish Should Be Ordered Per Person?


A pound of crawfish will feed about 5 to 6 people, meaning that you’ll need about 1.5 pounds for every person or about 3.5 pounds for every two people. How much should be ordered is still subject to what each person’s appetite looks like.


9) Which States Procure the Most Crawfish?


Louisiana, Texas, and Georgia are some of the top states related to crawfish production. As the biggest crawfish producers in the country, over 100 million pounds are produced each year. Other states which procure crawfish include North Carolina, California, and more.


10) What’s The Edible Meat From a Crawfish?


The crawfish tail meat is found in the body’s tail section or the claws, but it’s best when you eat the entire thing. The meat is also called crayfish tail meat because the body of the crustacean is usually discarded.




Hopefully, you know a little more about crawfish, one of the most well-loved crustacean in both the United States and around the world. If you love seafood, then you’re bound to enjoy crawfish.

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