August 31, 2020 by CC Staff

All About Crawfish – Getting Your Meaty Claws Into the Facts

When you make your way down to Louisiana or Houston, crawfish feasts await you! But before you get your claws on them, you may have heard some stories that you first want to make clear. Luckily, this article is here to help you crack the case wide open so that you can start enjoying some delicious crawfish today.

We will be looking into clearing some misconceptions with facts about crawfish. Whether you have a hardcore craving for its delectable meat or just love to chow down casually, this article has some important facts that you need to look into.

Off with their head?: As the common eater of crawfish would know, you look to the tail for most of the meat. Most people say that the crawfish’s head has nothing for you to enjoy. However, we’ve got a tip that will get you a-“head” of the rest.

The truth is that the head has the best part, which is called “crawfish butter.” All you need to do is suck it out with your mouth. True to its name, crawfish butter has a melts-in-your-mouth feel with a highly concentrated flavor. Arguably, it may even have more flavor than the tail! As many people may be giving you the stink eye while you suck on the crawfish head, pay them no mind. They’re the ones missing out on this crawfish delicacy, after all!

A Cajun-Asian shared feast: As the bayou is no stranger to the crawfish-feasting crowd, the crustacean may also be popular in Asia. Asians love to eat different kinds of seafood, like crabs and prawns. They love to add a spicy kick to it, too—just like the folks down in New Orleans may also learn to love! So if you consider yourself a crawfish lover, don’t be afraid to make the leap to Asian cajun fusion cuisine, as there are numerous crawfish-like dishes for you to try as well!

Prawns over brains: As mentioned earlier, we were talking about the delicious crawfish butter that comes from the head. Now, you may be thinking that based on its anatomy, that’s actually its brain. However, the Louisiana State University Agricultural Service says otherwise! They call the crawfish butter scientifically as the hepatopancreas. Crawfish are actually brainless creatures, and the hepatopancreas is stored up where a brain should be. It’s responsible for acting like the liver—and is also the secret ingredient in some of the most flavorful crawfish boils, especially in traditional Cajun cooking.

Your Maine cousin: Now, as you may be looking for the close relative of the crawfish, you will have to look up north. At Maine, you can meet crawfish’s close cousin: the lobster! They have certain features about them that are relatively close. For example, the crawfish’s hepatopancreas is like the Maine lobster’s tomalley. But you have to know that all crustaceans love each other like family!

Counting crawfish calories: As you may be getting technical about your caloric counter on your next crawfish boil, you may be surprised. The average calories that a quarter of crawfish have are only around 80 calories! And if you want to get truly technical about it, that means only around 200 calories per crawfish boil serving. What a “shellfish” steal!


Now that you know more about crawfish, satisfy your cravings today by getting your meaty claws on some of these delicious crustaceans! If you’re looking for some of the best crawfish dishes, all you need to do is find a highly-rated restaurant that offers Cajun-style cooking for their food items.

Are you ready to enjoy the best crawfish Houston has to offer? Dine-in with us at Crawfish Cafe today! We have nine awesome, Viet-Cajun flavors and numerous crustacean classics for you to enjoy. Visit us today!

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