September 7, 2020 by CC Staff

Your Beginner’s Guide to Enjoying Any Crawfish Boil

Crawfish boils are a staple in Louisiana, but the food and the culture associated with it has become popular across different states. It is truly something that should be enjoyed in any local restaurant. Take this opportunity to learn more before you go to satisfy your craving for crawfish.

This guide is made for beginner crawfish boil eaters like you who are planning their next dine-out. We will talk about the techniques of mainly eating with crawfish with your hands, and what you need to do in order to really suck out all the good favors. We will also discuss what truly makes a crawfish boil feast special and what it calls for. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Don’t be shy about getting your hands dirty

You may be expecting us to talk you through different fork and knife techniques, but this is not the case for crawfish boils. You will need your hands for this one! That’s why it is often advised to wash your hands before handling boil in any crawfish restaurant, and to do so repeatedly when things get messy.

First timers like you should then show up in clothes that you are not afraid to get dirty in mostly boil stains. There may be plastic gloves or tissues, but you want to come prepared for a possible mess—it’s part of a boil!

Once the boil is served, pick out a choice crawfish and twist off the head with your fingers. You can suck out the crawfish butter hidden inside. Then, you can enjoy the meaty tail. Don’t forget to carefully remove its shell!

Don’t be afraid to suck on your fingers, since the different Cajun spices often get caught in the crevices and make for lots of flavor. You may seem like you are being extra messy, but then you just need to look around the restaurant and see many families doing the same. Don’t forget to take memorable selfies to really capture the memories of such a fun meal!

2. Take a moment to savor the blend of flavors

Crawfish boils are known for their heat, but also the depth of flavor. This is due to the thick, sometimes sauce-like coating found outside the crawfish. You’ll see the shells glistening and tell that it was cooked to perfection.

No boil is complete without an adventurous mindset. You need to make sure to try different kinds of boils, and savor each one. This will not only allow you to adjust to the heat or kick, you can learn to enjoy the different crawfish boils and choose your favorite. If you are not a fan of overly spicy food, don’t forget to request the spice level to be adjusted when you order.

3. Bring your friends and family

Crawfish boils are meant to be enjoyed with a group of people you love. This is a testament to the community values and feasts down in New Orleans where the boil was made famous. This will also allow you to have a taste of the full range of crawfish boils in any restaurant. Just remind yourself and everyone to not be selfish, even if you are surrounded by all kinds of crustaceans. Make your first crawfish boil the first of many more dine-outs together.


Your first crawfish boil is truly going to be a special moment. Don’t be afraid to really dig in and enjoy as it was meant. The point is you get to savor a mix of interesting and spicy flavors, plus have your loved ones by your side. Make your way to your local crawfish restaurant today!

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