January 2, 2023 by CC Staff

A Guide to Eating Crawfish Head: Is It Safe and How Do You Eat Them?

Local cuisines are often unusual to those who aren’t familiar with them, and one of them is the crawfish. Most Americans may deem them uncommon as an appetizer, yet, they are popular in some parts of the US, especially in Louisiana. 


The tail of a crawfish has some edible meat. Many people just pinch off the tail, squeeze out the meat, and eat it, leaving the crawfish head behind. The crawfish boils of the south are famous for good reason—they’re scrumptious and are great to eat, head and all!


Eating the crawfish head may appear daunting, but it is not difficult if you know what to do. However, is it safe to eat a crawfish head? Let’s answer the following basic questions to find out:


  • What Is a Crawfish Head?


The boiled crawfish head is the part of the crawfish most people are intimidated by and usually skip eating. However, the crawfish head is a delicious part of the crawfish left over after you have extracted the meat.


  • Is Crawfish Head the Only Part You Eat?


No, the crawfish head is the only edible part of the crawfish, but it is not the only part you eat. In addition to the crawfish head, someone who eats crawfish may also eat the legs, tail, and body.


The crawfish tail is the central part of the crawfish, and it is the part that contains the meat. It is also referred to as a “crawfish body.”


Crawfish legs are the part of the crawfish that is used for walking. They are found on the sides of the crawfish body and have hooks at the end for grabbing things.


  • How to Eat Crawfish Head


The main part of the crawfish is the tail (or body) located at the larger end. Peel off the top of the shell, which is called a carapace, to get to the bulk of the meat. You can also eat the legs, which are much smaller but still contain a good chunk of meat. Although it’s pretty straightforward to eat these parts, eating the head can be done in several methods.


There are a few different ways to eat crawfish heads depending on whether you have had them before (and if so, how you like to eat them). Here are two ways to eat crawfish heads:


Option #1: Peel the Crawfish Head: When you first receive the crawfish head, you’ll want to peel off the top shell. This is called the “carapace.” Peel the top shell off the crawfish head when you initially get it—the carapace. The flesh is easily removed from the head. The flesh is tender and simple to chew, so no worries.


Option #2: Remove the Head from the Carapace: Start by removing the head from the carapace. Use a butter knife to pry apart the carapace carefully. There is an “eye” on the top center of the crawfish head. This will help you separate the head from the carapace. After you’ve pried apart the carapace, the crawfish head should slip right out.




Crawfish head is an inexpensive, delectable, and widely available delicacy in Louisiana. You should try some crawfish head if you’re seeking a great snack or dinner to satisfy your appetite. All that is required is that you peel back the top of the shell and enjoy!


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