May 12, 2021 by CC Staff

Learning to Eat Crawfish Boil Like a Pro: Here’s How!

If you want to experience delicious foods and a heartwarming welcome, you should visit Houston, Texas. This is the home of the famous crawfish boils, a delicacy loved by many.

 What is a crawfish boil?

A popular Southern staple, a crawfish boil is undeniably delicious. Typically, crawfish is boiled with spices, but some people opt to try cooking it in a more sophisticated way.

It can also be cooked with broth, potatoes, garlic, corn, and other ingredients. In some restaurants, they even add sausage for extra flavor.

 Because of its mouthwatering taste, you won’t care how messy it is to eat this dish. And yes, if you’re wondering if there’s a proper way to eat crawfish boil, then you got it right! To enjoy it most, you need to be accustomed to how locals do it. But don’t worry, you can always learn it!

 When you visit Houston, make sure to visit a crawfish restaurant, such as Crawfish Cafe, to try a few plates of crawfish. And to make you’re ready to enjoy this delicacy, here are some tips on how to eat it like a pro:

 Have a firm grasp

For beginners, it can be difficult to get the crawfish’s meat. This is why you need to have a firm grasp. Hold the tail of the crawfish on both sides firmly. To do that, your thumb should be on one side and your index finger on the other. 

  • Twist and snap

 While holding the crawfish firmly, snap the tail by twisting it from the head. It will make the head properly pop out. Locals love sucking the juices from the head, enjoying the great-tasting broth filled with spices.

 Next, you have to peel the shell

 Using your thumbs, start peeling off the crawfish’s shell, away from the tail’s widest part.

  • Tear the meat and enjoy

Now, you’ll see the meat, and you’ll just have to snag it. Hold the tail’s tip and get the meat from the body. Chew and savor the tasty crawfish!

Here are some additional crawfish pro tips:

  • Check the structure of the crawfish, from the head to the tail.
  • Peel the tail’s first ring first to get the meat more easily.
  • Pinch the end of the tail while eating the meat to release it much quicker.
  • Make sure to suck the juices from the head of the crawfish to enjoy its rich flavors.
  • Rub your hands with lemon after eating crawfish. This will lessen the smell of the seafood in your hands.


 A trip to Houston is not complete when you miss trying one of its most famous delicacies–the Crawfish boil! You can make the most of your trip to the area by eating this Southern favorite. If you’re hesitant to try it because you’re not experienced eating it, you don’t need to worry. With the pro tips mentioned above, you will surely enjoy this crawfish boil by eating it like a pro! Without you knowing it, you’ll be craving for more!

Once you’re in the Houston area, make sure to check out Crawfish Café. We are a crawfish restaurant offering a range of menus. We’ve been voted to be the best in Houston, TX, offering Viet-Cajun crawfish and seafood. Make sure to order online today!

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