January 12, 2021 by CC Staff

Everything You Should Know About Crawfish Boil Etiquette

The popularity of crawfish in Houston is growing immensely. With that, crawfish boils are gaining momentum as well. In the spring, there are many residents in the area that host boils in their homes. This is highly beneficial to people who may not have a backyard or similar area wherein they can host their own boil.

There are a number of reasons a person may not be able to host their own boil. It could also very well be that people would rather be guests and simply bond with their neighbors or friends. Like practically every other social gathering out there, however, there are a number of rules that apply to attendees of a crawfish boil. Nobody wants to be a bad guest, after all.

Here is everything you need to know about crawfish boil etiquette:

Ask the host for permission before bringing a plus one, especially if there’s more than one

Generally speaking, there’s nothing wrong with bringing a new friend along. Especially if you’re keen on sharing the delightful goings-on at a crawfish boil. However, it’s always best to clear things with the host first. This is particularly important if there’s more than one person in your list of people you’d like to bring along.

Dress appropriately

That may sound like a tall ask for a backyard party, but there’s a reason for this. Appropriate attire for a crawfish boil is usually clothes that you’d be open to throwing out after. There’s a major possibility that between the cooking and serving and eating, no matter how careful you are, your outfit will get ruined. Have an outfit you really want to step out in? Bring an extra shirt and toss that over it. Otherwise, nobody is responsible for your clothes getting ruined but you. Whatever you do, don’t wear white.

Keep it moving

You could very well be tempted to stay at the serving area or table for a bit, taking your sweet time. Don’t do this, because others are going to need to get around too. Everyone deserves an equal turn, and there’s sure to be enough for all.

Let Southern hospitality sensibilities reign

Treat the crawfish boil as a potluck and contribute! It can be anything from ice, drinks or anything that seems appropriate. For best results, consult with the host. Newspapers for lining the table are usually a no-fail contribution, since there can never be enough. Moreover, remember to be respectful. No matter what you may think, don’t say a word to the boiler about how you think he or she should be handling the pot.


Crawfish boils are incredibly fun ways to socialize and, of course, enjoy crawfish. In turn, you should maintain a certain level of etiquette, because it’s the best possible way to thank the boiler and the host. Besides, you would want the same level of respect for yourself when you’re hosting. Apart from crawfish boils, you should also try the best places to get crawfish in Houston so you can have a wide array of experiences enjoying crawfish.

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