September 21, 2020 by CC Staff

What to Expect at a Succulent Crawfish Boil

For Texas natives, nothing gets your culinary gears going more than crawfish season. From January to April, Houstonians bask in just-right outdoor weather, seizing opportunities to lay out massive alfresco set-ups for a much-awaited crawfish boil. For crawfish rookies, the experience is claw-some. Here’s what you can expect when attending your first crawfish boil.

Practice Southern Hospitality

Though a crawfish boil is hardly a potluck, embracing your Southern hospitality can earn you some major brownie points. An excellent fail-safe is a six-pack of Karbach’s Crawford Bock and a large bag of ice. If you’re not a heavy drinker, whip up a delectable side dish such as potato salad or apple pie. If you’re not confident in your culinary skills either, ask somebody’s grandma.

Love a White Top? Not Today!

If you’re not a big fan of red, orange, and yellow, you’re going to have to be at a crawfish boil. Skip the angel-white blouse or eggshell button-down—crawfish juices love leaving stains! Try a black, short-sleeved shirt or earth-toned summer dress.

Make Loads of Friends

Whether in someone’s backyard or at a crawfish restaurant, your long table will seat at least twenty people. Expect to make a handful of new friends—it’s uncanny the bond you can share between pulpy crawfish juice sips.

Don’t Be Shy—Peeling Isn’t Easy!

If this upcoming crawfish boil is your first, have no shame in your inability to peel. Crawfish is a tricky animal—ask for help when you need it. As a rule of thumb:

  • First, separate the head from the tail with a gentle twist and pull.
  • Then, peel the outer layer of the tail. Don’t hesitate to use your nails—you can wash the stench off later.
  • Pop the tail meat out. Note that it won’t always come out hole—you’re not Gordon Ramsay!
  • Gnaw on the meat and discard the shell. Don’t forget to suck out the juices!

Don’t Hog the Big Ones

When it comes to crawfish, big isn’t always better. Medium and small crawfish taste just as delectable, if not even juicier! Don’t skip the mudbugs and try your hand at every piece. At a crawfish boil, expect to go through nearly four or five pounds of crawfish—and we mean only you!

Wash Your Hands (a Lot)

Post-peeling, avoid your eyes at all costs. Some juices are spicy and can burn volatile body parts. The good news is, crawfish boils are an outdoor activity, so you’ll likely come across a nearby faucet (or hose if you’re dining in someone’s backyard).

Bring a Lawn Chair

You can liken a crawfish boil to a tailgating, which means you’re going to want to bring a seat. Pack several collapsible chairs—you never know how many newbies you’re going to run into.

Don’t Bring Your Dog Uninvited

Your four-legged friend may make for an adorable addition to any food gathering, but not so much a crawfish boil. With Cajun spices’ smell penetrating the air, you never know how excited your pup might get.


If you’ve never heard it before, we’ll say it now—if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the crawfish boil. The best crawfish in Houston can pack a punch, so prepare your palette for something spicy!

A little short on time and need a hand with your crawfish boil? Order the juiciest Houston crawfish from Crawfish Cafe, and we’ll be more than delighted to deliver to your gathering.

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