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5 Tell-tale Indicators How to Determine A Crawfish’s Sex

One of the most famous cuisines in the world, Crawfish is renowned for its comforting and straightforward flavor. In many restaurants in Mesa, only freshwater crabs are offered. It might be challenging to differentiate between a crawfish’s sex and those of other crustaceans. 


Here are a few ideas on how the gender of a crawfish can be determined and where to find the best San Antonio crawfish. 


You need to consider a few characteristics regarding Crawfish to identify their sex. For starters, the Crawfish’s size and shape are good indicators. Another thing to look at is the claws. Finally, the genital opening is located on the underside of the Crawfish, just behind the last pair of legs is another thing to look at. 


Male Crawfish Are Bigger


Male and female crabs differ in size. One of the most distinctive characteristics of San Antonio Crawfish is the size difference between the two of them. Males typically measure three inches long and weigh 1.5 ounces. Crawfish males are more likely to grow to be larger.


Males’ Claws Are Bigger


The major distinguishing feature between male and female crayfish is their claws. Males have huge claws to defend their territory. Males usually use their claws to defend their territory from other males and show off their health. The size of a crab’s claws can also be used to distinguish between male and female species.


Females’ Abdomen Is Larger


Women have larger abdomens than men due to the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. Some ladies have larger stomachs than the rest of their bodies. A larger abdomen indicates the existence of eggs. Additionally, there is a very tiny difference in the skin tones of men and women. In general, female Crawfish are lighter in color than male Crawfish.


Male Gonopod Is Fully Grown


Both sexes have gonopods, but males have more of them developed. The small gonopods of a crab are visible as two white threads. When fully grown, males can reach a maximum length of 4 inches. Gonopod males are responsible for reproduction.


Females Have a Small Hole Behind Their Swimmerets


Although females are normally smaller than males, the difference between the two can be seen through a little opening behind the swimmerets. Only when the head and tail are separated is a little portion visible. Females have a reproductive tube like this.


Which Is Better: Male or Female Crawfish? 


The two crawfish sexes can be distinguished using flavor and size. The size, sweetness, softness, and succulentness of female Crawfish often differ from those of male Crawfish. For a special dinner, prepare female Crawfish.


Male crabs can be eaten anytime, and it’s the cheapest and most filling option. Males have thicker shells and are tastier despite being smaller than females. You can enjoy males’ shells with or without a chaser.




Unlike other species of seafood, it is simple to tell whether one of a pair of Crawfish is a male or a female when they are present. However, it can be challenging to do this if you recently bought Crawfish from a market or grocery shop. It is best to ask the dealer about the gender of the clam in this case. Last but not least, remember these things the next time you want to determine a crawfish’s sex so you can easily tell them differently when you go to a crawfish cafe in Houston!

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