November 30, 2021 by CC Staff

Tips on How to Host a Crawfish Boil Without All the Fuss

If you’ve ever taken on the challenge of hosting a crawfish boil in Houston, you’ll know that it requires plenty of preparation to make it a success. For cooking tools alone, you’ll need an outdoor propane cooker big enough to hold your boiling pot. Your boiling pot should have a lid and perforated boiling basket, and it must be big enough to cook all the shellfish you’ll be serving. On top of those, you’ll need a solid stirring paddle, some ice chests, a washtub, a sturdy table, and butcher block paper.

When sourcing the crawfish, you can do a few options, but many prefer buying from local seafood distributors at a discount. Depending on the number of guests, you’ll have to buy at least three pounds per person. For seasonings, you’ll need some prepared boil seasonings along with lemons, garlic, onions, celery, potatoes, and corn on the cob.

It’s a long process, but the results often make it worth it. However, if that sounds like too much work for you, don’t worry. Many of the best crawfish restaurants in Houston serve amazing dishes that are fit for a boil. All you have to do is schedule a takeout order, pick up the dishes, and prepare the party.

Now, when you’re setting up the venue, there are a few things you can do to get your place looking ready for a proper crawfish boil. Here are some of them:


Set Up the Dining Area


The first thing you’ll do is set up the dining area. You’ll need long tables, as many chairs as there are guests, and some towels or napkins. 

Make sure there’s enough space between chairs for your guests to sit comfortably. Things are bound to get messy during a crawfish boil, so it’s always good to have the extra legroom to move around comfortably.


Prepare Decorations


One of the best ways to set the mood for a party is to have the appropriate decorations. It doesn’t have to be complicated; it just has to look nice. You can lay out some gingham-patterned tablecloths and set down some placemats. 

A table runner is also great to bring more attention to the food, which will be the center of attention anyway. Lastly, don’t be afraid to add in some fun elements from the ocean, like decorative coral, seashells, or even tropical flowers add to the vibe.


Plate the Food


Another thing you can do to bring up the party mood is to plate your takeout food. There’s no shame in the fact that you’ve ordered everything from a restaurant, but you definitely want to make everything look as appetizing as they taste. 

Arrange the food the way you normally would in a crawfish boil. You can even set it in a buffet style, where you lay out all the food in the middle of the table, and people are free to get whatever’s in front of them.




A crawfish boil is one of the best eating experiences a person can have. However, it also takes a lot of work that not many people may have the energy for. That’s why you can always grab some ready-made dishes from the best crawfish restaurants and prepare your place the way you usually would for a fun party.

Crawfish Cafe is one of the best crawfish restaurants in Houston. If you’re looking to set up an event or even enjoy a few dishes with yourself, don’t hesitate to check out our menu! We also offer takeout services for your convenience.

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