November 19, 2020 by CC Staff

3 Tips to Select the Best Crawfish in Your Local Market

There’s nothing more satisfying than treating yourself to the delicious bounties from the ocean. Seafood favorites like the traditional crawfish boil are one of the tastiest summertime joys in Texas, but the secret to achieving a finger-licking and gastronomic experience is picking the best catch of the day in your local market.

You can only serve a mean crustacean with the farm-to-table pick, so the guide below should help you whip up a delicious crawfish recipe by helping you shop for the best of the bunch:

Tip #1: Always Buy Farm-Raised Crawfish

Crawfish can bombard your tastebuds with explosive flavors, introducing a fine blend of sweet and spicy. While it is sure to sate your cravings, crawfish are not known for being the cleanest species, which is why they’re called mudbugs.

Seeing as the delicious, freshwater lobsters come with a dirty background, it’s better to shop for farm-raised crawfish to give you peace of mind knowing that they live in a clean and controlled environment. By narrowing down your choices to farm-raised options, you have higher chances of buying a superior catch.

Tip #2: Buy Crawfish Alive and Inspect the Appearance

Nothing beats the freshness of buying live crawfish. Dead shellfish contain harmful bacteria that can quickly deteriorate in quality, which means you’re on a time limit. In case you can’t accessible live crawfish, be sure to check for the eyes since it acts as the window that reveals its value.

Avoid crawfish with sunken or shrivelled eyes, and be sure the shells are firm to the touch. Nonetheless, it’s better to buy them alive as much as possible.

Tip #3: Give the Crawfish a Quick Sniff

Another tell-tale sign of the crawfish’s freshness is its smell. The best picks should have a salty smell at most, but it should never bombard the nose with unsavory, fishy odors.

The Bottom Line: Cooking up a Storm with the Freshest Crawfish Finds

The best restaurant-grade dishes are made with the highest quality ingredients, so if you’re craving to indulge in seafood-inspired recipes like the lip-smacking crawfish boil, snagging the freshest catch of the day is a must.

You can rinse them at home to keep it clean, but don’t leave them in the water too long as it can also degrade the quality if it’s submerged for extended periods.

Why Dine With Us?

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It’s a joint where you can get your hands deep in a pound of old-school mudbugs without any worries of making a mess, so get in touch with us to get a taste of our crawfish staple in Houston!

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